Aikens Lives an Unusual, but Fulfilling Life. She Resides at Kavik River Camp Near the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in the Northern Reaches of Alaska. Although, Does Sue Still Own Kavik?…Is Sue Still at Kavik?

Sue Aikens is a unique individual living an even more unique and fulfilling lifestyle at Kavik River Camp near the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in the Northern reaches of Alaska. She has been residing at Kavik since she was hired as the camp manager and caretaker in 1996.

Aikens is a self-described jack-of-all-trades, with experience ranging from working in the oil industry, to being a bush pilot, and even serving as a military contractor. She has also worked as an animal biologist, hunting guide, and trap line operator. Her life has been anything but traditional, yet her experiences have given her an appreciation for nature that she holds dearly.

Aikens’ Life at Kavik

At Kavik River Camp, Aikens lives off the land in relative isolation from society. She is responsible for all aspects of running the camp including maintenance of buildings and equipment, providing food for herself and her guests, dealing with wildlife, keeping up with paperwork for her business, and even medevac services when needed. She also leads tours during the summer months to provide visitors with an opportunity to experience life in Alaska’s Northern wilderness.

Does Sue Still Own Kavik?
Yes! Despite being on the brink of bankruptcy multiple times over the years due to financial issues related to running a business so far north, Aikens continues to own Kavik River Camp. Her dedication to preserving this unique piece of Alaskan wilderness has enabled her to keep it operating despite all odds.

Is Sue Still at Kavik?
Yes! Even after all these years Sue Aiken remains dedicated to life at Kavik River Camp where she can continue living off the land while providing visitors with an unparalleled experience in Alaska’s remote Northern wilderness.

Conclusion: Aiken’s life is certainly not typical but it is one that she has come to cherish as it enables her to live surrounded by nature within one of Alaska’s most remote areas while still offering others an opportunity to visit this beautiful part of the world. Despite facing numerous financial difficulties throughout her time at Kavik River Camp, Aiken still owns and operates it today and remains dedicated to living there for many years more into the future.

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