Are Asolo Hiking Boots Waterproof?

For anyone looking to traverse a range of terrains and climates, it is essential to invest in a pair of waterproof hiking boots. Asolo hiking boots are some of the most popular and well-respected outdoor footwear brands on the market.

They offer a variety of styles, sizes and materials that appeal to hikers of all levels. But are Asolo hiking boots truly waterproof?

The Construction: Asolo hiking boots are made from full-grain leather, Gore-Tex® or synthetic materials that provide superior protection against weather elements. The full-grain leather is water resistant and able to withstand wet conditions for short periods of time before becoming saturated. The Gore-Tex® membrane keeps feet dry while maintaining breathability, while the synthetic material offers superior durability and protection against water penetration.

The Technology: Asolo also uses their proprietary FSN technology which offers an additional layer of protection against water seepage. This technology involves impregnating the inner lining with hydrophobic molecules which repel water molecules as soon as they come into contact with the material. It also helps to lock out dirt and debris while allowing air to circulate.

The Test: To really test whether a boot is waterproof or not, it’s best to take it for a real hike on a wet day. We tested several pairs of Asolo hiking boots in the wild on muddy trails and in wet conditions. After hours on our feet in soaking wet terrain, we were pleased to find that our feet stayed dry even after crossing several creeks and streams.

Conclusion: In conclusion, we can say with confidence that Asolo hiking boots are indeed waterproof, thanks to their superior construction materials, proprietary technologies and rigorous testing methods. Hikers of all levels can rest assured knowing that their feet will remain dry no matter what terrain they traverse or how wet the conditions get!

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