Are Fingerless Gloves Good for Mountain Biking?

Fingerless gloves are becoming increasingly popular amongst mountain bikers as they offer riders a wide range of benefits. Fingerless gloves provide riders with protection against abrasions and blisters while also offering a better grip on the handlebars.

They are also lightweight and breathable, making them comfortable to wear even during long rides.

One of the major advantages of fingerless gloves is that they allow you to operate your brakes, gears, and other controls with ease. The lack of fingers makes it easier to adjust your position on the bike and reach for the brakes quickly when needed.

With a full-fingered glove, it can be difficult to operate the levers due to bulkiness.

Another benefit of fingerless gloves is that they allow your hands to stay cooler in hot weather conditions. This is because most fingerless gloves are made from lightweight materials such as mesh or Lycra, which allow air circulation around your fingers and palms. When combined with sweat-wicking properties, these materials keep your hands cool even when you’re pedaling hard.

Fingerless gloves also provide additional protection against injuries such as abrasions and blisters. The padding in these gloves helps absorb shock from rough terrain, protecting your hands from scrapes and bruises. The added grip on the handlebars also helps reduce fatigue in your hands during long rides.


In conclusion, fingerless gloves are a great choice for mountain biking as they offer protection, comfort, and improved control over the bike.

They are lightweight and breathable which makes them comfortable to wear even during warm weather conditions. These gloves also provide added protection against abrasions and blisters while improving grip on the handlebars for increased control over the bike. Therefore, it can be said that fingerless gloves are indeed good for mountain biking.

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