Are Lowa Hiking Boots Waterproof?

Lowa hiking boots are a popular and reliable choice for hikers, with many styles and models available to suit different terrain and activities. But one of the most important features of any hiking boot is waterproofing. Are Lowa hiking boots waterproof?

The answer is yes, Lowa hiking boots are generally waterproof. Most models feature Gore-Tex linings, which are designed to keep water out while still allowing the foot to breathe and stay comfortable. The company also uses its own proprietary climate control technology in some of its shoes, which helps to regulate temperature and reduce moisture buildup inside the boot.

Lowa also makes use of high-quality leathers such as full grain leathers, which are treated with a special waterproofing process that helps keep out moisture. This allows the shoe to stay dry even if you’re walking through wet terrain or crossing streams.

In addition to being waterproof, Lowa hiking boots are also very durable and comfortable. The company uses advanced cushioning systems in its shoes, such as EVA foam midsoles that provide shock absorption and cushioning for your feet as you walk. The insoles are also removable so you can customize them for your own needs.

The soles on Lowa hiking boots also offer great traction on all types of terrain, whether it be slippery rocks or muddy trails. The outsoles are made from Vibram rubber which provides excellent grip on all surfaces.


Yes, Lowa hiking boots are generally waterproof. They feature Gore-Tex linings and use high-quality leathers that have been treated with a special waterproofing process. In addition to being waterproof they provide great comfort and traction on all types of terrain.

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