Are Mid Boots Good for Hiking?

Mid boots are a great option for hiking, and for good reasons. A lot of hikers prefer mid boots over traditional hiking boots for a variety of reasons.

Mid boots are lighter and more flexible than traditional hiking boots, so they provide more comfort and a better fit. They also offer more breathability due to the lighter weight fabric that is used to construct them, helping your feet stay cool and dry even in warmer temperatures. In addition, mid boots are usually less expensive than traditional hiking boots, making them an attractive choice for the budget-conscious hiker.

Mid boots also provide good ankle support due to the higher cut, while still allowing plenty of flexibility in the ankle area. This makes them ideal for navigating uneven terrain or crossing streams and rivers as they provide enough stability to keep you safe while still allowing you to move freely. The extra cushioning on mid boots also helps protect your feet from any sharp rocks or other obstacles you might encounter along the trail.

The only downside of mid boots is that they don’t provide as much protection from the elements as traditional hiking boots. If you’re planning on taking long hikes in wet or muddy conditions, you may want to opt for a more robust boot that offers better waterproofing and insulation.


All in all, mid-boots are great for hiking if you’re looking for comfort and flexibility on the trail without breaking the bank. They offer good ankle support, excellent breathability, and enough cushioning to keep your feet safe from sharp rocks or other hazards you might encounter along the way. However, they don’t offer as much protection from wet or muddy conditions as traditional hiking boots do.

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