Are Thorogood Boots Good for Hiking?

Thorogood boots are a popular choice among hikers looking for a comfortable and reliable shoe. They have a wide range of styles, from lightweight trail shoes to heavy-duty hiking boots.

The quality materials used in the construction of Thorogood boots ensure that they will last for many years, even under the most strenuous conditions. The upper portion of the boot is crafted from full-grain leather that is both waterproof and breathable, while the midsole is made from compression-molded EVA foam for superior cushioning and support. The outsole consists of Vibram rubber, which provides excellent grip on all types of surfaces.


Thorogood boots are designed with comfort in mind, so you can be sure your feet will stay comfortable even on long hikes. The full-grain leather upper is soft and supple, while the compression-molded EVA foam midsole provides plenty of cushioning and shock absorption.

The outsole features Vibram rubber which offers superior grip on different types of terrain. Additionally, Thorogood boots have a fully gusseted tongue to help keep debris out and ensure your feet stay dry during wet conditions.


Thorogood boots are constructed with quality materials that will ensure they last for many years to come. The full-grain leather upper is water resistant so it won’t easily wear down or tear when exposed to moisture or rough terrain. Additionally, the compression-molded EVA foam midsole and Vibram rubber outsole provide superior cushioning and grip that won’t wear down over time.


Thorogood boots come in a variety of styles that are sure to please any hiker’s taste. From lightweight trail shoes to heavy-duty hiking boots, there’s an option for every preference or need. Many styles also feature eye-catching designs that will turn heads when you’re out on the trail or just walking around town.


In conclusion, Thorogood boots are an excellent choice for hikers looking for comfort, durability, and style all in one shoe. They offer superior cushioning and grip with quality materials that are built to last even in harsh conditions. Whether you’re looking for a lightweight trail shoe or a heavy-duty hiking boot, Thorogood has something to meet your needs.

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