Are You Allowed to Camp in Allegheny National Forest?

Allegheny National Forest (ANF) is a 1.5 million acre forest located in northwestern Pennsylvania. It is home to an abundance of wildlife and plant life, as well as offering a variety of recreational opportunities for visitors. One such activity is camping, and many visitors to ANF are interested in knowing if they are allowed to camp there.

The answer is yes, you are allowed to camp in Allegheny National Forest. There are a number of campgrounds located throughout the forest, both developed and primitive, that provide campers with the opportunity to enjoy some of the best outdoor experiences and scenery Pennsylvania has to offer.

For those interested in primitive camping, there are dispersed campsites available at many locations throughout the forest. These sites provide a more rustic experience than developed campgrounds but still offer basic amenities like fire rings and picnic tables. Dispersed campsites are free of charge but require visitors to practice Leave No Trace principles such as packing out all trash and not disturbing any existing vegetation or wildlife habitat.

Developed campgrounds provide more amenities than dispersed sites such as restrooms, showers, sites with electric hookups and potable water for drinking and cooking needs. Developed campgrounds also offer reservations for their sites so visitors can be sure their spot will be available when they arrive at the park. Campers should be aware that some developed campground require a fee for use while others may be free of charge depending upon the season or other factors like whether or not you have an America The Beautiful pass from another park or federal recreation area.

For those looking for an even more unique experience, ANF also offers backcountry camping for those who wish to explore its vast wilderness areas on foot or by bike or boat. Backcountry camping requires advanced planning however since there are no facilities available at these locations and all gear must be packed-in by hand or vehicle along with food, water, shelter and other supplies necessary for survival in the wilderness environment.


Are You Allowed to Camp in Allegheny National Forest? The answer is yes!

There are numerous options available for camping within Allegheny National Forest including both primitive dispersed campsites and developed campgrounds with amenities such as restrooms and electric hookups. Additionally, those looking for an even more unique experience can take advantage of backcountry camping opportunities within the forest’s vast wilderness areas.

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