Can I Camp Anywhere in Flathead National Forest?

Flathead National Forest is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, offering a wide range of camping opportunities. Whether you’re looking for a primitive experience in the backcountry, or an RV site with full amenities, Flathead National Forest has something to offer.

Where Can I Camp?

In Flathead National Forest, you can camp in the following areas: designated campgrounds, dispersed camping sites and backcountry sites. Designated campgrounds have amenities such as restrooms, potable water and picnic tables; dispersed camping is more primitive and does not offer these amenities; and backcountry sites are located deep in the forest and require a long hike to reach.

Campground Permits

When camping in a designated campground, visitors must obtain a permit from the nearest ranger station before setting up camp. Permits are free, but must be obtained prior to arrival. In addition to permits, visitors are also required to follow all local rules and regulations while camping in Flathead National Forest.

Backcountry Regulations

When backpacking or camping in the backcountry of Flathead National Forest, visitors must also obtain a permit prior to their trip. In addition, visitors must practice “Leave No Trace” principles while out in the wilderness. This means that all waste should be packed out with you when you leave; no fires should be left burning; and no vegetation or wildlife should be disturbed during your stay.

Can I Camp Anywhere in Flathead National Forest?

The short answer is no – camping is only allowed in designated areas such as campgrounds or approved dispersed sites. Backpacking or camping in the backcountry requires an additional permit and adherence to leave no trace principles. All visitors must also obtain permits prior to their stay at any campground or dispersed site within Flathead National Forest boundaries.

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