Can I Camp Anywhere in Hiawatha National Forest?

Hiawatha National Forest is a great place to go camping. Located in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, it provides a wonderful outdoor experience with plenty of activities and amenities. The forest has many different types of camping available, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Hiawatha National Forest offers both primitive and developed campgrounds. Primitive camping is the more traditional type of camping, where you pitch a tent in a designated area and bring your own supplies.

Developed campgrounds offer more amenities such as water and electric hookups, restrooms, and showers. Both types of campgrounds are open year-round, although some areas may be closed for part of the year due to weather or other conditions.

The forest also offers backcountry camping for those who want to get away from it all and experience nature at its most raw and wild state. Backcountry camping requires permits from the forest service and is only allowed in designated areas. These areas are not accessible by car or other motorized vehicles, so you must hike or paddle to reach them.

Can I Camp Anywhere in Hiawatha National Forest?
The short answer is no; however, there are designated areas throughout the forest where you can pitch a tent or set up camp without needing any special permits or permissions. If you want to stay in an area that is not designated as public land then you will need to obtain a permit from the US Forest Service before doing so.


In conclusion, while it is not possible to camp anywhere in Hiawatha National Forest, there are plenty of places where you can legally set up camp with either primitive or developed campsites available year-round. With so much to explore in this amazing forest, it’s easy to find the perfect spot for your next adventure!

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