Can I Camp in Kruger National Park?

Camping in the Kruger National Park is a fantastic way to enjoy the African bush, observe wildlife, and experience the stunning landscapes. The park is one of Africa’s premier wildlife reserves, stretching over two million hectares and providing shelter to an incredible variety of wildlife.

The Kruger National Park offers a range of camping options for visitors. There are nine rest camps located within the park, each offering a unique experience and different facilities.

The rest camps provide self-catering accommodation for guests, with all necessary amenities including kitchens, showers and toilets. In addition, there are several bushveld camps located in remote areas throughout the park where visitors can really get away from it all. These camps are often more rustic than the rest camps but still offer basic amenities such as water, toilets and fireplaces for cooking.

No matter which type of accommodation you choose, camping in Kruger National Park offers an incredible experience that you won’t soon forget. During your stay you will have access to some of the best game viewing opportunities in Africa, with animals such as elephants, lions, leopards and rhinos roaming freely within the boundaries of the park. You may also be lucky enough to spot some rare species such as vultures or honey badgers during your stay!

In addition to game-viewing opportunities, Kruger National Park also provides plenty of activities for those who want to explore further afield or get closer to nature. Activities include guided walks through the bush; visits to nearby rivers and lakes; bird-watching; night drives; and cultural tours that explore local villages and traditional customs.


Camping in Kruger National Park is generally very safe as long as visitors take certain precautions such as not walking alone at night or venturing too far from their camp site without a guide or fellow campers. It is also important to remember that wild animals can be unpredictable so never attempt to approach them or feed them directly.

For those looking for an unforgettable African safari experience, camping in Kruger National Park is an excellent option! By choosing one of the rest camps you will have access to all necessary amenities while still enjoying being close to nature – making it ideal for families or groups travelling together.

Conclusion: Camping in Kruger National Park is an amazing experience that allows visitors to enjoy nature while staying safe. With its wide range of accommodation options and activities available it’s easy to see why this popular destination continues to draw tourists from around the world year after year! So yes – you can definitely camp in Kruger National Park!

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