Can My Hiking Boots Be Resoled?

Hiking boots are an essential item for the avid hiker. They provide the necessary traction, comfort, and support that a hiker needs to make it through the most challenging terrains.

But, over time, the soles of these boots can become worn down and need to be replaced. The good news is that many hiking boots can be re-soled and made like new again!

The process of re-soling a pair of hiking boots begins with selecting the correct sole for your particular boot. It is important to choose a sole that is designed specifically for your type of boot so that it has enough grip and traction without sacrificing any stability or comfort.

Once you have selected the right sole, you will then need to remove the old sole from your boot using a specialized tool known as a sole remover. This tool allows you to carefully peel away the old sole without damaging your boot.

Once the old sole has been removed, you will need to apply an adhesive to both the boot and new sole before applying them together. This will ensure that they bond properly and provide maximum durability. After applying the adhesive, you will then press both pieces together firmly until they are firmly attached.

Finally, you will need to check all seams and edges for any gaps or holes before lacing up your hiking boots again. This final step ensures a secure fit so that your boots can last for many more miles of hiking!


Yes, in most cases, your hiking boots can be re-soled so that you can continue on your adventures with confidence! Be sure to select a sole specifically designed for your type of boot and use an adhesive when attaching it in order to ensure maximum durability. With proper care, these re-soled boots should last many more miles of adventure!

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