Can You Camp Anywhere in Boise National Forest?

Boise National Forest is known for its breathtaking beauty and wide variety of outdoor activities. It’s no surprise, then, that camping is a popular pastime in the area. But can you camp anywhere in Boise National Forest? The answer is yes and no.

The Boise National Forest does allow camping on public land, but there are some restrictions to consider. You must obtain a special permit from the forest service before doing any type of camping in the national forest, including dispersed camping. Dispersed camping is when you set up camp away from developed recreation sites; this type of camping requires a free permit from the forest service.

When it comes to developed recreation sites, like campgrounds, you don’t need a special permit. These sites have restrooms and other amenities that dispersed campsites don’t have. You can choose from numerous campgrounds throughout the Boise National Forest, each with its own unique features and attractions.

In addition to campsites and campgrounds, there are also many trails throughout Boise National Forest that are perfect for backpacking adventures or day hikes. However, many of these trails require permits or reservations so it’s best to check with the forest service before planning your trip.


So yes, you can camp anywhere in Boise National Forest if you obtain a special permit from the forest service for dispersed camping or choose a developed recreation site like a campground; however, certain trails may require permits or reservations as well. With so many options available for outdoor adventurers to explore in this stunning landscape, it’s easy to see why Boise National Forest is such an attractive destination!

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