Can You Camp Anywhere in Mojave National Preserve?

Mojave National Preserve is an expansive park located in the desert of California, offering a variety of activities for the outdoors enthusiast. It is home to some of the most unique animals and plants in the world, as well as stunning scenery and incredible sunsets.

But one of the most popular activities at Mojave National Preserve is camping. With over 1 million acres of land, visitors have plenty of places to choose from when it comes to setting up camp.

The National Park Service has designated certain areas within Mojave National Preserve for camping, including campsites along roads and trails, as well as in designated backcountry areas. For those looking for a primitive experience, there are several established backcountry campsites that provide basic amenities such as fire rings and picnic tables. These sites are generally accessible by car or on foot, however they are limited in number and usually require a permit from the ranger station.

If you’re looking for a more remote experience, there are plenty of primitive camping opportunities available throughout the park. Primitive camping involves setting up camp away from developed areas and roads, and typically requires that you hike or drive several miles into the backcountry. This type of camping offers an opportunity to get away from it all and enjoy some solitude in nature.

Unlike other national parks where dispersed camping is prohibited without a permit, Mojave National Preserve allows you to camp anywhere on public lands with few restrictions. This means that you can set up camp almost anywhere within the park boundaries as long as you follow Leave No Trace principles (e.g., pack out all trash).

Can You Camp Anywhere in Mojave National Preserve?

Yes! You can camp anywhere within Mojave National Preserve with few restrictions other than following Leave No Trace principles.

There are also several established campsites throughout the park for those who want to set up a more traditional campground experience. Whether you’re looking for an isolated adventure or a more traditional experience, Mojave National Preserve has something for everyone!

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