Can You Camp in Big Horn National Forest?

Big Horn National Forest is a stunning area of Wyoming that offers visitors the opportunity to explore nature in the Rocky Mountains. The forest spans more than three million acres, with elevations ranging from 4,000 to 11,000 feet. With such a vast expanse of land, it’s no wonder that Big Horn National Forest is a popular spot for camping.

The Big Horn National Forest offers plenty of camping sites throughout the forest.

There are both developed campgrounds and backcountry sites available for use. The developed campgrounds offer amenities such as picnic tables, fire rings, and restrooms with running water. These campgrounds are typically located near roads or trails and can be reserved in advance. Backcountry camping sites are more primitive and usually require hiking or horseback riding to reach them. These sites typically don’t have any amenities and must be accessed on foot or by horseback.

For those interested in camping in Big Horn National Forest, there are some important regulations to know about. Campfires are only allowed in designated fire rings provided at each campsite and all rubbish must be packed out with you when you leave the site. All campsites in the national forest require permits, which can be obtained from local Ranger stations or online through the USFS website.


Big Horn National Forest is an ideal spot for camping due to its vast expanse of land and variety of campsites available. With proper permits and knowledge of regulations, visitors can enjoy all that this beautiful area has to offer while staying safe and respecting nature.

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