Can You Camp in Cimarron National Grassland?

Cimarron National Grassland is an expansive area of rolling hills and open prairie situated in southwestern Kansas. It is part of the larger Cimarron National Grassland Complex, which also includes Comanche National Grassland in Colorado and Rita Blanca National Grassland in Oklahoma.

Cimarron National Grassland is a popular destination for outdoor recreation, including camping, hiking, horseback riding, hunting, and fishing.

Camping is permitted in Cimarron National Grassland with some restrictions. All campers must obtain a free permit from the U.S. Forest Service before setting up camp.

This permit allows camping for up to 14 days in any 30-day period at designated sites within the grasslands. Campers should be aware that there are no services available within the grasslands, including water or electricity; all supplies must be brought in by the camper.

Cimarron National Grassland offers plenty of opportunities to explore the outdoors while camping. There are several hiking trails throughout the area, including a popular loop trail that takes hikers through rugged canyons and lush meadows. Horseback riders can enjoy miles of trails winding through grassy plains and wooded hillsides. Wildlife watchers may spot mule deer, wild turkeys, coyotes, rattlesnakes, foxes, bobcats, and other animals that call this area home.

Cimarron National Grassland also provides numerous opportunities for hunters during deer season.

Fishing is another popular draw to the area; anglers will find plenty of trout and bass inhabiting the Conchas River and many of its tributaries.

Conclusion: Can You Camp in Cimarron National Grassland? Yes! Campers can enjoy breathtaking views of rolling prairies and wooded hillsides while exploring miles of trails on foot or horseback throughout this vast grasslands complex. Hunting and fishing are also popular activities here during their respective seasons; however all campers must obtain a free permit from the U.S Forest Service before setting up camp.

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