Can You Camp in Coconino National Forest?

Coconino National Forest is located in northern Arizona and offers visitors a great opportunity to explore the outdoors. The forest covers over 1.8 million acres and is home to several unique ecosystems, including pine forests, ponderosa pine forests, desert shrublands, and alpine tundra.

Camping in Coconino National Forest can be both rewarding and exciting.

Coconino National Forest has a variety of camping options available for visitors. There are five developed campgrounds with toilets and drinking water available.

These campgrounds are located in a variety of locations including near lakes, rivers, and creeks. The campgrounds vary in size from small single-site campsites to larger group sites of up to 50 people. All campsites have fire rings for cooking or just relaxing by the fire.

The forest also offers dispersed camping opportunities for those looking for a more primitive experience. Dispersed camping allows visitors to camp anywhere within the boundaries of the national forest as long as it is done responsibly. It is important to follow Leave No Trace principles when dispersed camping and make sure that no damage is done to the environment or wildlife.

Coconino National Forest also allows backcountry camping in certain areas with a permit from the local ranger station or visitor center. Backcountry camping can be an excellent way to explore remote parts of the forest that may not be accessible by car. It is important to make sure that you obtain a permit before venturing into the backcountry and follow all safety guidelines.


Camping in Coconino National Forest can be an excellent way to explore this beautiful area of Arizona with plenty of options available for all kinds of adventurers looking to enjoy nature at its finest. From developed campgrounds with amenities like toilets and drinking water, to dispersed camping opportunities and backcountry exploration, there are plenty of ways to enjoy this unique ecosystem while staying safe and responsible.

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