Can You Camp in Denali National Park?

Can You Camp in Denali National Park?

Denali National Park is one of the most beautiful places in Alaska and a popular spot for camping. The park is home to six million acres of majestic mountains, glaciers, and wildlife, making it the perfect destination for campers looking to get away from it all. There are several camping options available within the park, including backcountry camping and camping at established campgrounds.

Backcountry camping is allowed in Denali National Park if you obtain a free backcountry permit from the Park Service. This permit allows you to stay overnight in designated areas within the park.

Depending on where you want to camp, you may need to hike several miles before reaching your campsite. It’s important to note that no vehicle access is allowed when backcountry camping at Denali National Park.

In addition to backcountry camping, there are also two established campgrounds in Denali National Park. Riley Creek Campground and Savage River Campground both offer tent sites and RV sites with hookups for those who need them.

These campgrounds have a variety of amenities including fire rings, picnic tables, toilets, showers, and dump stations. Both campgrounds are open from mid-May until mid-September each year and reservations can be made online or through the park’s reservation system.

No matter which type of camping you choose when visiting Denali National Park, it’s important to remember that bear safety precautions must be taken at all times when visiting this wild place. All food should be stored securely in bear canisters or your vehicle at night if possible and pets must be kept on a leash while out on trails or near campsites.

Overall, there are plenty of opportunities for campers looking to enjoy all that Denali National Park has to offer since both backcountry camping and established campgrounds are available within its borders. With proper planning and bear safety precautions taken into account, visitors can have an unforgettable experience while exploring this stunningly beautiful park!

Conclusion: You can definitely go camping in Denali National Park! Whether you decide to go backcountry camping or stay at an established campsite, there are plenty of ways for visitors to enjoy this breathtaking Alaskan wilderness.

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