Can You Camp in Innes National Park?

Innes National Park is a stunning South Australian coastal national park located on the Yorke Peninsula. It is an ideal camping destination for nature lovers, as it encompasses a wide range of landscapes from rugged coastlines and sand dunes to woodlands, lagoons and salt marshes. Visitors can explore some of the region’s best beaches, swim in the clear waters of the Gulf St Vincent, and observe a rich variety of wildlife.

Camping in Innes National Park is permitted in two designated areas – at Chowilla Beach and at Parara Beach. Both sites offer spectacular views of the coastline, with grassy areas suitable for pitching tents or parking campervans or caravans.

Facilities include picnic tables, fire pits, toilets and showers. There are also BBQs available for hire to make your stay even more comfortable.

The park is home to a great variety of native flora and fauna including kangaroos, emus, possums, echidnas and over 200 species of birds such as pelicans, seagulls and cormorants. Visitors can also spot dolphins swimming in the waters off the coast or catch glimpses of migrating whales from June to October each year.

Chowilla Beach provides access to some beautiful sheltered bays with good swimming opportunities. There are eight camping sites that can be booked online with each site accommodating up to six people per night for a fee of $10 per person per night payable on arrival at the campground via cash or card payments (EFTPOS only).

Parara Beach is located on the eastern side of Innes National Park has stunning views across Gulf St Vincent towards Troubridge Island lighthouse. There are six camping sites available here which must be booked online prior to arrival with fees set at $10 per person per night payable on arrival via cash or EFTPOS (no credit cards accepted).

Things To Remember When Camping In Innes National Park:

  • No open fires allowed.
  • No pets allowed.
  • Be aware that all sites are strictly monitored by rangers.
  • No access between 10pm-7am.

“Innes National Park is an absolute gem! We had an amazing time camping there – it was so peaceful and serene surrounded by nature.”

In conclusion, yes you can camp in Innes National Park if you abide by all relevant rules and regulations set out by the park rangers! There are two designated camping areas – Chowilla Beach and Parara Beach – both offering spectacular views across Gulf St Vincent towards Troubridge Island lighthouse.

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