Can You Camp in Thunder Basin National Grassland?

Thunder Basin National Grassland is an area of natural beauty located in northeastern Wyoming. It is part of the United States National Forest System and offers a wide array of recreational activities, including camping.

With its vast open spaces, diverse wildlife, and stunning landscapes, Thunder Basin National Grassland is a great place to camp!

The grassland covers an area of 1.1 million acres and is divided into two separate districts: the Thunder Basin district and the Black Hills district. The Thunder Basin district encompasses most of the grassland and contains rolling hills, prairies, rugged badlands, and lush forests.

Here you can find bison, elk, deer, antelope, turkey, coyotes, eagles and other wildlife that inhabit the area. The Black Hills district contains more densely wooded areas with jagged peaks and valleys surrounded by ridges.

Camping in Thunder Basin National Grassland is a great way to experience all that it has to offer. There are several campgrounds throughout the area which offer amenities such as picnic tables and fire rings for campers to use.

There are also primitive campsites available for those who want a more rustic outdoor experience.

In addition to camping opportunities in the grassland itself, there are also plenty of attractions nearby for visitors to explore. The nearby town of Gillette offers a variety of shopping opportunities as well as restaurants and entertainment venues. A short drive away from Gillette is Devils Tower National Monument where visitors can take in spectacular views from atop one of America’s oldest monuments.


In summary, camping in Thunder Basin National Grassland is an excellent way to experience all that this beautiful area has to offer. With its diverse wildlife and stunning landscapes it’s sure to provide a memorable camping experience for anyone who visits!

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