Can You Camp on Cape Lookout National Seashore?

Cape Lookout National Seashore is a stunning stretch of coastline along the southeast coast of North Carolina, and it’s a great spot for camping. The seashore offers a variety of camping options to suit all kinds of outdoor adventurers, from primitive sites to full-service campgrounds.

Those interested in primitive camping should check out the five remote beach campsites located on Shackleford Banks and North Core Banks, two small islands that are part of the seashore. There are no amenities at these sites; visitors must bring their own water, food, and other supplies.

But for those looking for a more rustic experience away from the crowds, these sites offer an ideal setting that can’t be found anywhere else.

Those seeking a more comfortable camping experience can stay at one of the three developed campgrounds located within Cape Lookout National Seashore: Long Point Campground on Harkers Island, Ore’s Beach Campground on Portsmouth Island, and Great Island Campground on Core Banks. These campgrounds have restroom facilities with running water and showers as well as picnic tables and fire pits at each site.

No matter what type of camping you’re looking for, Cape Lookout National Seashore has something to offer. Whether you want to rough it in the backcountry or enjoy all the amenities of a full-service campground, this national seashore is a great place to get away from it all and reconnect with nature.

Conclusion: You can definitely camp on Cape Lookout National Seashore! There are five remote beach sites available if you’re looking for a rustic experience, as well as three developed campgrounds with amenities like restrooms with running water and showers.

No matter what type of camping you’re after, Cape Lookout has something for everyone.

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