Can You Disperse Camp in Mt Baker National Forest?

Camping in Mt. Baker National Forest is a great way to explore nature and experience the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

With its lush forests, stunning views, and abundant wildlife, camping in Mt. Baker National Forest can be an incredible experience.

Camping Regulations

The Mt. Baker National Forest has very specific regulations for camping and dispersing campers must adhere to them or face fines and other penalties.

Campsites must be at least 200 feet away from any stream or lake, and the maximum stay for each site is 14 days over a 30-day period. Campfires are only allowed in designated areas and campers must use fire pans or portable stoves for cooking.


In addition to following the camping regulations, visitors must also obtain a permit before they can disperse camp in the Mt. Baker National Forest.

The permits cost $5 per person per night and are available online or at any of the ranger stations in the area. Permits are limited so visitors should plan ahead of time to ensure they get one before their trip.

Wilderness Areas

The Mt. Baker National Forest also offers several wilderness areas where visitors can disperse camp without a permit but still need to follow all other regulations regarding campfires, waste disposal, etc. These areas are usually more secluded than other campsites and offer more privacy but they may also be more difficult to access due to their remote nature.

Conclusion: Can You Disperse Camp in Mt Baker National Forest?

Yes, you can disperse camp in Mt Baker National Forest by following all applicable regulations as well as obtaining a permit (if required). Additionally, there are several wilderness areas where no permit is needed but all other rules still apply.

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