Can You Disperse Camp in Siuslaw National Forest?

Siuslaw National Forest is a beautiful part of the Oregon Coast with rolling hills, lush vegetation, and a stunning view. It is also home to a variety of species including elk, deer, and many types of birds.

For those interested in camping, Siuslaw National Forest offers some great opportunities and provides a variety of camping sites throughout the area.

The Forest Service has put in place regulations for dispersed camping to ensure that visitors are able to enjoy the natural beauty without impacting the environment or disturbing wildlife. Dispersed camping is allowed in Siuslaw National Forest as long as visitors follow all of the regulations set forth by the Forest Service.

When dispersing campers choose their site, they need to be aware that it must be at least 150 feet away from any water source such as streams or lakes. This is to ensure that there is no interference with wildlife or their habitat. Additionally, campers must make sure to leave no trace by packing out all their trash and disposing of it properly when they are done camping.

Campfires are allowed but visitors must check with local rangers before lighting any fires as fire restrictions may be in place due to dry conditions. Campers should also make sure they bring plenty of water with them as there are no potable water sources available in the forest.


In conclusion, dispersed camping is allowed in Siuslaw National Forest as long as visitors follow all regulations set forth by the Forest Service and practice Leave No Trace principles while enjoying their stay. By following these rules, visitors can help protect this special place for future generations.

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