Can You Leave Outdoor Furniture Outside in Winter?

Outdoor furniture is a great way to spruce up any home’s exterior, but with winter months looming, it can be unclear whether or not it’s safe to leave them outside in the cold weather. The good news is that in most cases, outdoor furniture can be left outside during winter as long as you take the necessary steps to protect them.

The first thing to consider when deciding whether or not to keep your outdoor furniture outdoors during winter is the material they are made out of. Furniture made from metal, such as aluminum or wrought iron, can typically withstand moderate snow and ice without any issues.

If your furniture is made from plastic or resin materials, however, you should bring it inside during winter months. These materials are typically more prone to cracking due to the low temperatures and can easily become damaged if left out in the cold for too long.

It’s also important to make sure that your outdoor furniture is clean before storing it away for the winter months. This means taking the time to wipe down each piece with a damp cloth and removing any dirt or debris that may have gathered on them over the course of the summer. This extra step will help ensure that your furniture remains in top shape when you bring it back out for warmer weather.

Finally, always make sure that your outdoor furniture is properly covered when leaving it outdoors in winter months. Using a waterproof cover or tarp can help keep snow and ice off of your pieces while also protecting them from sun damage. If possible, try to find a cover that is specifically designed for outdoor use so you can be sure that your furniture will stay protected throughout the cold season.


With some careful consideration and preparation, you can definitely leave your outdoor furniture outdoors during winter months without risking damage from frost or cold temperatures. Be sure to check what type of material your pieces are made from so you know how best to protect them during this time and always remember to clean and cover them before storing away for the season.

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