Can You Primitive Camp in Ocala National Forest?

Ocala National Forest is an ideal destination for primitive camping. Located in Central Florida, Ocala National Forest is the second largest national forest in the state.

This beautiful forest covers over 383,000 acres and offers a wide variety of activities and natural attractions.

Primitive camping is allowed throughout much of Ocala National Forest, making it a great choice for those looking to explore nature without the distractions of modern amenities. Camping regulations vary by area, so it’s important to check with local rangers before heading out on your adventure.

Primitive campers will find plenty of opportunities to explore the wilderness. Hiking trails criss-cross through the forest, allowing you to take in some stunning scenery while getting a little exercise.

For those looking to stay close to nature, there are plenty of rivers and lakes where you can take advantage of fishing or boating opportunities.

Campers also have access to some unique natural attractions within Ocala National Forest. One such attraction is Alexander Springs, which features crystal clear waters surrounded by lush vegetation and towering pines. Alexander Springs also offers swimming, snorkeling and diving opportunities that add another layer of excitement to your camping experience.

Can You Primitive Camp in Ocala National Forest?

Yes! Ocala National Forest provides plenty of opportunities for primitive camping. Check with local rangers before heading out on your adventure to ensure you are following all regulations and guidelines for the area you will be visiting.

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