Can You Put Can Lights Outdoor?

Outdoor lighting can provide you with an extra layer of security and beauty to your home. One of the most popular forms of outdoor lighting is recessed can lights. By adding recessed can lights to the exterior of your home, you can transform the look and feel with a dramatic effect.

Recessed can lights provide a sleek and modern look to any outdoor space. They are installed flush against a ceiling or wall, allowing them to blend in with their surroundings while providing an effective light source. This type of lighting also provides directional control, allowing you to choose where the light is directed.

Installing outdoor recessed can lights should be done by a professional electrician for safety purposes. The electrician will need to determine what type of recessed can light fixtures are necessary for your space, as well as the wattage and voltage needed for the installation. It is important that the proper wattage and voltage is used in order to avoid any potential safety issues.

When installing outdoor recessed can lights, it is also important to consider other features such as motion sensors or timers. Motion sensors allow for automatic activation when someone enters or moves around in the area, making it easier for you to control when and how much light is used.

Timers allow you to set specific times when you want your lights on or off. Both of these features will help make your lighting more efficient and cost-effective.


In conclusion, you can put recessed can lights outdoors as long as they are installed correctly by a professional electrician. With proper installation, these fixtures can provide both effective lighting and enhance the look of your home’s exterior with their sleek design. Additionally, motion sensors and timers can be used in order to make your outdoor lighting more efficient and cost-effective.

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