Can You Put Outdoor String Lights on a Dimmer?

Outdoor string lights are an excellent way to light up your patio, deck, or garden. Not only do they provide a beautiful and inviting atmosphere, but they also come in a variety of colors and styles to suit your personal preference.

But what about dimming the lights? Can you put outdoor string lights on a dimmer? The answer is yes, you can.

Dimmer switches are designed to adjust the brightness of electric lighting. By connecting your outdoor string lights to a dimmer switch, you can control the intensity of the light and create just the right atmosphere for any occasion. This is especially useful for evening events or when you want to create a gentle ambiance.

In order to connect your outdoor string lights to a dimmer switch, you will need an electrician to properly install it. This will ensure that your installation is safe and that it meets all electrical codes. Additionally, you should make sure that the dimmer switch is rated for the wattage of your lights so that it won’t overheat or damage them.

When choosing which type of dimmer switch to use with your outdoor string lights, be sure to select one that is specifically designed for outdoor use. This will help protect it against moisture and other environmental elements. Additionally, there are many styles available so you can find one that fits with your decor.


In conclusion, yes – you can put outdoor string lights on a dimmer switch in order to adjust their brightness. However, be sure to speak with an electrician before installing a dimmer switch in order to ensure that it meets all safety standards and specifications.

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Samantha Mckinney