Can You Spray Paint Vinyl Outdoor Furniture?

Spray painting vinyl outdoor furniture can be a great way to give your furniture a new look and refresh its appearance. While it is possible to spray paint vinyl outdoor furniture, there are some important considerations and steps to take before doing so.

Preparing the Furniture

Before you begin spray painting the furniture, it is important to prepare it properly. This includes cleaning the surface of the furniture with a mild soap and water solution and removing any dirt or debris that may be on the surface. It is also important to remove any old paint or varnish from the surface of the furniture before beginning.


Once the furniture has been properly cleaned and prepped, it is important to prime it with an appropriate primer for vinyl outdoor furniture. The primer will help ensure that the paint adheres properly to the vinyl surface and also helps protect against fading and peeling over time.

Spray Painting

Once the primer has been applied, you can begin spray painting your vinyl outdoor furniture. It is important to use a quality spray paint designed for use on vinyl surfaces, as this will help ensure that your paint job looks its best and lasts for many years.

When spraying, make sure to apply even coats of paint in thin layers, so as not to create drips or runs in the paint.

Finishing Up

Once you have finished applying all of your coats of spray paint, you should allow them to dry completely before placing any items on or near your newly painted piece of furniture. You may also want to apply a sealer or clear coat over the top once dry in order to further protect against fading or peeling over time.

In conclusion, it is possible to spray paint vinyl outdoor furniture if done correctly. By taking care in preparing and priming your furniture prior to spraying as well as using quality spray paints made specifically for use on vinyl surfaces you can achieve great results that will last for many years.

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