Do Merrell Hiking Boots Stretch?

Merrell hiking boots are among the most popular brands of outdoor footwear for adventure seekers. The company offers a wide array of styles and features for hikers, trekkers and mountaineers alike. Many people ask the question, “Do Merrell hiking boots stretch?” The answer is yes; Merrell hiking boots do stretch, but it is important to understand why they may need to be stretched.

Merrell hiking boots are designed to provide a secure fit and maximum comfort. To achieve this, Merrell utilizes a combination of leathers and suedes that are treated with water-resistant leather treatments.

This leather treatment helps keep moisture and dirt away from the feet while allowing them to breathe. While this treatment helps the boots stay dry and comfortable, it can also cause them to be more rigid than other types of footwear.

In order for Merrell hiking boots to fit properly and provide maximum comfort, they must be stretched before wear. This stretching process helps loosen up the leathers and suedes so that they can be molded to your feet better. It also helps reduce any tightness in the boot that could potentially cause discomfort or blisters.

Fortunately, stretching Merrell hiking boots is easy. Most models come with an adjustable lacing system that allows you to customize the fit of your boot.

By adjusting the laces in different areas of your boot you can help stretch out different areas more easily. You can also use shoe stretchers or inserts that help provide extra space in areas where needed.

Bottom Line:

The good news is that yes, Merrell hiking boots do stretch; however, it’s important to understand why they need stretching in order for them to fit properly and provide maximum comfort on your outdoor adventures.

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