Does Arizona Have Good Mountain Biking?

Arizona is an amazing state when it comes to mountain biking opportunities. From challenging rides with steep climbs and long descents to flat terrain, Arizona has something for every type of mountain biker.

The state’s diverse landscape provides a variety of different trails and terrain types. In the northern part of the state, riders can find steep, rocky trails in the Prescott National Forest. The trails around Flagstaff are also popular among mountain bikers, offering a mix of smooth and technical riding.

In the southern part of the state, you’ll find some of the best mountain biking in Arizona. The area around Tucson is home to some incredible single-track trails with plenty of technical features and stunning views. Meanwhile, in Phoenix, riders can find plenty of urban trails that are perfect for an afternoon ride or a weekend getaway.

No matter where you go in Arizona, you’re sure to find great riding options. With numerous trail systems and amazing scenery, there’s something for everyone who loves mountain biking in Arizona. From beginner-friendly rides to expert-level challenges, you’ll find it all here in this beautiful desert state.


Yes, Arizona has great options for mountain bikers of all levels and experience. With its diverse range of terrain types and stunning scenery, it’s easy to see why so many people choose to ride here year after year.

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Chris Powell