Does Sugarbush Have Mountain Biking?

Sugarbush is a popular ski resort located in the Green Mountains of Vermont. It boasts two mountains, Mt.

Ellen and Lincoln Peak, with a total of 111 trails and 16 lifts. But Sugarbush isn’t just for skiing and snowboarding; it also offers a variety of outdoor activities for visitors to enjoy. One of these activities is mountain biking, which Sugarbush has plenty of trails to explore.

The mountain biking trails at Sugarbush are well-suited for all levels, from beginners to experienced riders. Beginners can start out on the easy trails with gentle grades and wide turns while more experienced riders can head off on the more challenging trails with tighter turns and steeper drops.

In addition to the traditional trails, Sugarbush also has several freeride trails for those looking for a more extreme ride. These include jumps, bridges, and other features that add an extra dose of excitement to your ride. There’s even a bike park with dirt jumps and pump tracks so you can practice your skills before heading out on the trail.

Sugarbush also offers lessons and rentals so you can make sure you’re prepared before hitting the trails. The resort’s knowledgeable instructors will teach you the basics or help refine your skills if you already have experience riding.

So does Sugarbush have mountain biking?

Yes! With its wide variety of trails for all levels of riders, bike park features, lessons, and rentals, Sugarbush is an excellent place to go mountain biking.


Yes, Sugarbush does have mountain biking! With its variety of trails suitable for all levels as well as lessons and rentals available, it’s an ideal destination for anyone wanting to enjoy some time on two wheels in Vermont’s beautiful Green Mountains.

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