Does Treasure Island Have Resort Fee?

Treasure Island is a hotel and casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, located on the Las Vegas Strip. The resort features a number of amenities including a casino, pool area, spa and fitness center, restaurants, bars, and shopping outlets. With its prime location on the Strip, Treasure Island offers a variety of activities for visitors to take part in.

But does Treasure Island have resort fees? The answer is yes. Like many other resorts in Las Vegas, Treasure Island charges a daily resort fee that covers certain services and amenities offered at the property.

This daily fee includes access to the fitness center, Wi-Fi service throughout the resort, two bottles of water each day in your room or suite, complimentary newspaper delivery each morning and access to the pool area.

In addition to the daily resort fee, there are also taxes that are applicable when booking your stay at Treasure Island. These taxes include an 8% sales tax as well as a 12% room tax. You may also be required to pay other taxes depending on your length of stay or type of accommodation that you choose.

When booking your stay at Treasure Island it is important to note that you will be charged for both the daily resort fee as well as any applicable taxes when making your reservation. It is recommended that you review all charges associated with your reservation prior to confirming your booking.

Yes, Treasure Island does have a resort fee. This fee covers certain services and amenities offered at the property such as access to the fitness center and Wi-Fi service throughout the resort. In addition to this fee there are also taxes that you may have to pay such as an 8% sales tax and 12% room tax which should be reviewed prior to confirming your reservation.

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