Does Winter Park Have Mountain Biking?

Does Winter Park Have Mountain Biking?

Winter Park, Colorado is a beautiful mountain town located in the Rocky Mountains. It is known for its skiing, snowboarding and other winter activities, but what about mountain biking?

Is there an opportunity to hit the trails on two wheels while visiting Winter Park? The answer is yes!

Winter Park is a popular destination for mountain bikers of all skill levels. There are over 90 miles of trails within an hour’s drive of town, ranging from easy and beginner-friendly routes to challenging and advanced technical trails.

The popular Trestle Bike Park, located at Winter Park Resort, offers over 20 miles of lift-serviced downhill trails with berms, jumps and drops for riders who want to take their riding to the next level. The park also has a skills area where riders can learn or practice technical maneuvers before hitting the lift-serviced trails.

For those looking for cross country riding, Winter Park has plenty of options as well. Some popular routes include the Fraser Valley Trail System which offers over 40 miles of mostly smooth singletrack winding through meadows and forests; or the Meadow Creek Trail System which offers some more challenging terrain with several steep climbs and technical sections.

For those wanting to combine some sightseeing with their ride, the Soda Creek Trail offers an easy ride along a scenic creek while passing by beaver ponds, waterfalls and historic cabins. There are also plenty of other options in the surrounding area such as Granby Ranch or Rocky Mountain National Park that offer great mountain biking opportunities as well.

Whether you’re looking for an easy spin around town or a heart-pounding downhill adventure, Winter Park has it all when it comes to mountain biking. With so many great trail systems nearby offering something for everyone from beginner to expert riders alike, it’s no wonder why this small mountain town is becoming increasingly popular among bikers from around the world!

Conclusion: With over 90 miles of trails within an hour’s drive from town – ranging from easy beginner routes to challenging technical trails – it’s clear that Winter Park does indeed have plenty of opportunities for mountain bikers! Whether you’re looking for an adrenaline rush on downhill runs or a leisurely ride through some beautiful scenery – there’s something here for everyone!

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