How Do I Clean the Inside of My Hiking Boots?

Hiking is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and keep fit at the same time. However, your hiking experience can be ruined if you don’t take proper care of your hiking boots.

Keeping your boots clean on the inside is just as important as keeping them clean on the outside. This is because dirt and sweat can accumulate inside your boots, leading to unpleasant odours, fungal growth, and skin irritation.

The first step in cleaning the inside of your hiking boots is to remove any excess dirt or debris. You can use an old toothbrush or an old cloth to do this.

Once any visible dirt has been removed, it’s time to address any odours or bacteria growth.

A simple solution of warm water and baking soda can help neutralize any bad smells and kill off bacteria. Mix up a solution of one part water to one part baking soda and soak a cloth in it before wiping it over the interior of your boots.

This will help deodorize and disinfect them.

Once you have removed all visible dirt and odours from your boots, you should also treat them with a waterproofing agent such as wax or silicone spray. This will help keep moisture out of your boots and prevent fungal growth from occurring in the future.

Finally, make sure that you give your boots plenty of time to dry completely before putting them away for storage or wearing them again. If possible, stuff them with newspaper or tissue paper while they are drying to help absorb moisture and speed up the process.

Conclusion: Cleaning the inside of your hiking boots is essential for keeping them in good condition and ensuring that they last longer. Taking simple steps such as removing any visible dirt, treating with a deodorizing solution, waterproofing with wax or silicone spray, and allowing plenty of time for drying can go a long way towards keeping your feet comfortable on all your outdoor adventures.

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