How Do I Get a Camping Tent in BDO?

Camping tents are an essential item if you are planning to go on a camping trip. They provide a safe and comfortable place to sleep and store your belongings while you are out in the wild.

In Black Desert Online (BDO), there is a wide range of camping tents available for purchase.

If you are looking for a good quality tent, then the best place to start your search is at one of the many in-game vendors located throughout the game world. These vendors will often have a variety of different camping tents available for purchase, each with varying levels of quality and features.

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If you would prefer to craft your own tent, then this is also an option in BDO. By using the game’s crafting system, players can create their own custom-made camping tent from scratch by combining various materials such as cloth and wood. This allows players to customize their tent to their exact specifications and get exactly what they need for their camping trip.

Quest Rewards

Another way to obtain camping tents in BDO is through completing certain quests. Certain quests may reward players with tents as part of their rewards package when they complete them. These rewards may not always be the best quality or have all the features that you need, but they can still be great if you just want a basic tent that will do the job.

Auction House

Finally, another way to obtain camping tents in BDO is through using the Auction House feature. Here players can search for specific items such as tents and place bids on them in order to win them at auction. This is a great way to get high-quality items without having to spend too much money.


Getting a camping tent in BDO is easy with so many options available! You can find them at various vendors throughout the game world, craft them yourself using materials gathered from around the world, receive them as rewards from completing certain quests, or buy them from other players via the Auction House. No matter which option you choose, getting yourself set up with a good quality tent will make your next camping adventure even more enjoyable!

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