How Do I Keep My Heels From Lifting on My Hiking Boots?

Hiking boots are an essential for any outdoor adventure. They provide the necessary stability and traction needed for walking over uneven terrain and allow you to carry heavier loads with ease. However, the wrong kind of boots can lead to heel lift, which can cause discomfort and make your hike more difficult. In order to keep your heels from lifting on your hiking boots, there are a few simple steps you can take.

1. Make Sure You Get The Right Size. The most important step in preventing heel lift is getting the right size of boot for your feet. If the boot is too big, it will be too loose on your foot and cause your heel to lift up as you walk. Make sure you get properly fitted before buying a pair of hiking boots—it’s the best way to ensure you get the right size.


Break In Your Boots Before Hitting The Trail. Breaking in new boots takes time, but it’s worth it in the long run. Wear them around your house for several hours at a time before taking them out on a hike. This will help them form to your feet and reduce any slipping or heel lift that may occur during longer hikes.

3. Adjust Your Lacing Pattern. The lacing pattern of your boots can have a direct effect on how much heel lift occurs when you walk. Try adjusting the lacing pattern so that it pulls up on the sides of your foot rather than directly against the back of your ankle—this helps keep the boot snug against your heel and reduces slipping as you walk.

4. Use Locks/Cables To Secure Your Heels. If all else fails,try using locks or cables to secure your heels in place while hiking—this will give you additional support and reduce any slipping or heel lift that may occur while walking over rough terrain or carrying heavy packs.


Heel lift can be uncomfortable and even dangerous when out on a hike, but with some careful preparation and thoughtful adjustments, it’s possible to keep your heels from lifting on your hiking boots. Make sure to get properly fitted for hiking boots, break them in before hitting the trail, adjust the lacing pattern if needed, and use locks/cables if necessary—these steps will help ensure that you stay comfortable and safe during all of your outdoor adventures.

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