How Do You Build a Camping Tent Shower?

Camping Tent Showers – Enjoy a Hot Shower in the Great Outdoors!

Nothing quite compares to the feeling of taking a hot shower after a long day of camping. But, when you’re roughing it for days or weeks in the great outdoors, this can be hard to come by. That is, unless you know how to build a camping tent shower.

A camping tent shower is essentially just a makeshift shower set up using materials that can easily be found and stored in your backpack or car. It’s relatively easy to build and can be done within minutes. All you need is some water containers, a hose, and some basic tools like duct tape and scissors.

The first step is to fill two large water containers with warm water from the tap. You’ll want one container for the shower head and one for the “floor” of your tent shower. If you don’t have access to warm water, you can heat up the water with a portable camping stove or fire pit.

Next, attach your hose to one of the containers and run it through an opening in your tent so that it leads outside. This will be your shower head – so make sure it’s positioned at a comfortable height for whoever will be using it! The second container should be placed on the ground inside the tent near where you plan on taking your shower.

You may also want to consider adding extra protection against splashes by draping some plastic sheeting over the top of your makeshift shower area – this will help keep any excess water from spilling out onto your tent floor or belongings.

To finish setting up your camping tent shower, simply attach both ends of your hose together with some duct tape (or other waterproof adhesive) so that they won’t come apart during use. Once everything is securely attached, turn on the tap and enjoy!

With these few simple steps, you can now enjoy hot showers wherever you go – all thanks to building yourself an indoor/outdoor camping tent shower! So don’t let being away from home keep you from feeling refreshed and clean during those long trips into nature; just grab some supplies and get ready to take advantage of this handy DIY solution!

Conclusion: Building a camping tent shower is an easy process that requires very little time or effort but provides a much-needed source of comfort while enjoying nature’s beauty away from home. All it takes is two large water containers, a hose, some adhesive material such as duct tape, and some plastic sheeting for splash protection if desired – then simply attach everything securely together and turn on the tap! With this convenient trick up your sleeve, now there’s no excuse not to stay clean while out exploring in nature’s wonderland!

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