How Do You Connect Outdoor LED Strip Lights?

Outdoor LED strip lights offer a great way to add a decorative touch to your outdoor living space. They provide a bright and efficient way to light up your patio, deck, or pool area with a unique style. But how do you connect outdoor LED strip lights?

The first step in connecting outdoor LED strip lights is to determine the size of the strips you will need. Depending on the desired brightness, you may need more than one strip for your project. Once you have determined the number of strips needed, it’s time to begin wiring.

Next, you’ll need to identify the power source for your outdoor LED strip lights. This could be an existing outlet or a dedicated circuit breaker in the main panel box. If necessary, you may need to hire an electrician to help with this step.

Once you have identified the power source for your outdoor LED strip lights, it’s time to begin connecting them. Depending on the type of LEDs used in your strips, there are several different ways this can be done. For example, some strips use simple plug-and-play connectors while others require hard-wired connections.

  • Plug-and-play Connectors: These are typically found on pre-made LED strips and are designed for easy installation and connection. All you need to do is insert each end into its respective connector and secure them with screws.
  • Hardwired Connections: This method is typically used for custom installations or when more than one strip needs to be connected together. You’ll need two sets of wires (one positive and one negative) and two electrical boxes per connection point.

Important Tips When Connecting Outdoor Strip Lights:

  • Use Weatherproof Wiring: When connecting outdoor LED strip lights, it’s important that all wires used are rated for use outdoors.
  • Install GFCI Outlets: To help protect against electric shock when using electricity outdoors, it’s important that all outlets be installed with ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs).


Connecting outdoor LED strip lights is not difficult but does require some knowledge of electrical wiring and safety measures. By following these tips, homeowners can ensure their safety while also adding beautiful lighting features to their home’s exterior.

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