How Do You Dry Hiking Boots Fast?

Drying hiking boots quickly is important for keeping them in good condition and preventing the growth of bacteria and mold. Wet boots can also be uncomfortable to wear, so having a few methods to dry them quickly is essential.

The first step to drying hiking boots quickly is to remove the laces. This allows air to circulate better inside the boot and helps it dry faster. It’s also a good idea to remove the insoles, as they will absorb moisture and take longer to dry if left in the boot.

Once you have removed the laces and insoles, you can use several methods to speed up the drying process.

The quickest method is using a blow dryer on its warm setting; however, this may not be feasible if you are out in nature.

If you don’t have access to a blow dryer, you can stuff your boots with newspaper. The newspaper absorbs moisture from your boots and helps them dry faster. This method should be done outside or in a well-ventilated area, as the paper can produce fumes when it gets hot from absorbing moisture from your boots.

Another effective way of drying hiking boots quickly is by using a boot dryer. Boot dryers use warm air to circulate around your boots, helping them to dry quickly without damaging them. Boot dryers are available at most sporting goods stores or online.

Finally, once your boots are mostly dry, you can put them near a heat source, such as a radiator or fireplace, for a few minutes just before putting them on for better comfort. Make sure not to leave them near heat sources for too long as this could damage the material of your boots.

Drying hiking boots quickly is essential for comfort and longevity of your shoes. The best methods include using a blowdryer on its warm setting, stuffing with newspaper outside or in well-ventilated areas, using boot dryers available at sporting goods stores or online, and finishing off by putting near a heat source just before putting them back on.

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