How Do You Get a Camping Tent in Animal Crossing?

Getting a camping tent in Animal Crossing is a great way to have a place to stay when visiting other islands or just for some extra decoration. To get the tent, you will need to buy it from Nook’s Cranny or one of the other shops in town. You can purchase it with either bells or Nook Miles, depending on which shop you visit.

Once you have bought the tent, you can travel to another island and set it up as your own personal campsite. To do this, you will need to find an open space on the island and use your tent item.

This will open up a new menu with several options including the ability to customize your campsite with furniture and decorations. The more items that you add, the more points you will earn towards your Nook Miles rewards!

You can also invite other players to come and stay at your campsite by using the Campground feature. This allows for up to 8 players to join in on all of the fun activities that come with camping such as fishing, bug-catching, crafting, and more. Plus, if anyone else has their own tents set up on the island they can join in as well!

Camping is a great way for friends and family members to enjoy some quality time together while having fun playing Animal Crossing. Not only does it provide a unique way for players to interact but it also gives them an opportunity to decorate their own little corner of paradise. So don’t wait any longer; get out there and start camping today!


Getting a camping tent in Animal Crossing is an easy process that requires purchasing one from either Nook’s Cranny or another shop in town. After setting it up on an island of your choice, you can invite other players over for some fun activities like fishing or bug-catching while decorating your own little corner of paradise! Camping is a great way for friends and family members alike to enjoy some quality time together playing Animal Crossing!

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