How Do You Glue Sole Back on Hiking Boots?

Hiking boots are designed to provide you with the comfort, protection, and support you need as you trek through different environments. One way to ensure your hiking boots last for many years is to keep the soles in good condition.

Unfortunately, the soles can sometimes wear out or come off after extended use. If this happens, it’s important to know how to glue them back on properly.

Step 1: Prepare Your Boots – Begin by cleaning the area where the sole needs to be reattached with a damp cloth and warm water. Let the area dry completely before moving on.

Step 2: Glue – The best type of glue for reattaching a sole is a contact cement specifically designed for leather and rubber. Apply a thin layer of glue to both surfaces that need to be joined, wait several minutes until they become tacky, and then press them together firmly.

Step 3: Secure – After pressing the pieces together, wrap them tightly with twine or cord and let dry overnight. This will help ensure a strong bond between the two surfaces.

Step 4: Finishing Up – Once the glue has dried completely, remove any excess glue or twine from your boots. You may also want to apply an additional layer of waterproofing spray or wax for extra protection.

Conclusion: Glueing a sole back onto hiking boots is not difficult if you follow these steps carefully. With the right materials and some patience, your beloved hiking boots will be restored in no time!

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Jennifer Watson