How Do You Hold a Camping Tent on Concrete?

Whether you’re camping at an RV park or in your own backyard, you may find that you need to set up a tent on concrete. While this isn’t ideal, it is doable with the right supplies and a bit of patience. Here’s how to hold a camping tent on concrete.

Preparing the Tent Site

The first step is to prepare the area where the tent will be set up. Clear away any debris and make sure there are no large rocks or other obstacles that could damage your tent.

Then, lay down some plastic sheeting or a tarp to provide a barrier between the concrete and your tent floor. This will help protect your tent from moisture and dirt.

Using Tent Stakes

Once you have prepped the site, it’s time to start setting up your tent. First, use some heavy-duty metal stakes to anchor the corners of your tent into the ground.

If there is grass or soil nearby, you can use stakes with hooks on them to better secure your tent into place. However, if you are setting up on concrete, you will need to use special concrete anchors instead.

Using Concrete Anchors

Concrete anchors are specially designed for use with tents on hard surfaces like concrete and asphalt. They work by drilling a small hole into the ground and then anchoring a metal stake in place with cement or epoxy.

This provides a secure hold for your tent even in windy conditions.

(Optional) Using Sandbags

(Optional) You may also want to consider using sandbags along with stakes or anchors for extra security. Simply fill sandbags with sand or gravel and place them around the perimeter of your tent for added stability.


Holding a camping tent on concrete can be done with some preparation and the right supplies. Start by clearing away any debris from the site and laying down plastic sheeting or a tarp before anchoring metal stakes into place using either hooks (for soil/grass) or special concrete anchors (for hard surfaces). For extra security, consider using sandbags filled with sand or gravel around the perimeter of your tent.

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