How Do You Hold Up Outdoor String Lights?

Adding outdoor string lights to your patio, deck or garden can give your outdoor space a magical touch – bringing warmth and illumination after the sun sets. But how do you hold up your outdoor string lights without sacrificing the aesthetic of the space?

One of the most common ways to hang up outdoor string lights is with plant hooks. Plant hooks are designed to hold a variety of items, from plants to fairy lights. You can buy them from most hardware stores and they come in a range of sizes and styles.

To use them, simply attach the hook to a secure part of your structure (e.g. a railing or beam) and then thread the lights through it. Plant hooks come in handy if you don’t have any trees or posts handy, as they don’t require any additional tools or materials.

Another great way to hang up outdoor string lights is by using cup hooks. Cup hooks are small metal hooks that you can attach to any flat surface such as wood, metal or even brickwork. They’re ideal for hanging fairy lights around specific areas such as porch posts or gazebos, as they’re easy to install and won’t leave any marks on your structure.

If you want an even more secure installation, then zip ties are the way to go. Zip ties offer an incredibly secure hold and come in a range of sizes so you can find one that fits perfectly around whatever post or tree you’re trying to attach your lights too.


Outdoor string lights can add charm and ambience to any outdoor space – but how do you securely hang them up? The answer is simple: plant hooks, cup hooks and zip ties are all great options for securely installing string lights outdoors without sacrificing aesthetics.

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