How Do You Make a Camping Tent Trailer?

Camping tent trailers are an ideal way to enjoy the great outdoors while still having all the comforts of home. They come in a variety of sizes and styles, making them the perfect way to camp for everyone from solo adventurers to large families. Here’s how to make your own camping tent trailer.

Step 1: Gather Materials

Before you can start building your camping tent trailer, you’ll need to gather the materials needed. This will include plywood, screws, nails, hinges, and any other hardware that might be necessary for assembly. You’ll also need a tarp or canvas to make the roof and sides of your trailer.

Step 2: Cut Out Pieces

Once you have all the materials ready, it’s time to start cutting out pieces for your trailer. Using your measurements, begin cutting out the plywood pieces for the frame and sides of your trailer. Make sure that each piece is cut precisely so that everything fits together correctly.

Step 3: Assemble Frame

Once all the pieces have been cut out, it’s time to assemble the frame of your camping tent trailer. Start by attaching two pieces of plywood together with screws or nails on each end. Continue this step until you have a complete frame.

Step 4: Attach Sides and Roof

Once you have a completed frame, it’s time to attach the sides and roof of your camping tent trailer. Start by attaching two pieces of plywood on each side using hinges or other hardware as necessary.

Then attach a piece of tarp or canvas over top of this frame as the roof.

Step 5: Add Accessories

The last step in making your camping tent trailer is adding accessories such as windows, doors, interior shelving units, and more. Once these accessories are added you should now have a complete camping tent trailer ready for use!


Making a camping tent trailer is an easy process when done right with careful planning ahead of time. All it takes is gathering the correct materials such as plywood and screws, cutting out pieces according to measurements taken beforehand and assembling everything together until complete with accessories added in at last.

With these steps followed carefully one can easily make their own camping tent trailer in no time!

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