How Do You Put a Camping Tent on Concrete?

When you’re going camping, setting up a tent can often be a challenge. When camping on concrete, it can be even trickier. You have to think about the ground you’re setting up on, and what materials you need to protect both the tent and the ground below it.

Step one is finding a spot for your tent that is free of dirt and debris. If there are any larger rocks or stones on the concrete surface, you’ll need to remove them before you set up your tent. This will help ensure that your tent is level and won’t be damaged by sharp objects.

When setting up on concrete, it’s important to use a groundsheet or tarp to protect the bottom of your tent. A groundsheet is specifically designed for camping and will protect the bottom of your tent from punctures while keeping moisture away from the floor of your tent. Once you’ve laid down your groundsheet, you can start setting up your tent.

When pitching your tent, look for places where flat pieces of wood or plastic can help level out any areas that are higher than others. This will help keep everything in place and make sure that nothing slips when you’re inside.


Putting up a camping tent on concrete isn’t necessarily difficult but does require some preparation. Start by finding a spot free from dirt and debris, then lay down a groundsheet or tarp before finally pitching the tent using flat pieces of wood or plastic to level out any high spots in the ground beneath it. With this simple method, you’ll ensure that your tent is safe and secure when camping on concrete surfaces.

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Samantha Mckinney