How Do You Secure a Camping Tent on Concrete?

When camping on concrete, it can be difficult to secure your tent without the help of stakes. Without the ability to drive stakes into the ground, you may worry that your tent is vulnerable to wind and other weather elements.

There are several ways to secure a camping tent on concrete without using stakes.

Using Weights

One way to secure your tent is by using weights. You can use items like water bottles or sandbags that you can fill with rocks, dirt, or sand outside of your tent. Place the weights around the corners and sides of your tent and they will help weigh down and add stability to your structure.

Using Rope

Another way to secure a camping tent on concrete is by using rope.

You can tie rope around the poles of your tent and then attach them onto heavier objects such as rocks or other heavy items that won’t move easily in the wind. This will help keep your tent in place during inclement weather.

Using Hooks or Adhesive Strips

You can also use hooks or adhesive strips to secure a camping tent on concrete. Hooks are an easy solution for securing a tent as they use suction cups that can be attached directly onto concrete surfaces. Adhesive strips are also an option for securing tents as they provide strong adhesion when attached onto surfaces like concrete.


Securing a camping tent on concrete can be tricky but it isn’t impossible. With the right items such as weights, rope, hooks, or adhesive strips you can easily keep your tent in place during inclement weather and ensure both you and your belongings stay safe throughout your trip!

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