How Do You Size Hiking Boots?

Before you can size your hiking boots, it’s important to understand the importance of a properly fitting boot. A well-fitting boot should be snug and comfortable, with no pressure points. It should also provide adequate arch and ankle support, so you don’t strain your feet while on the trail.

Once you understand why a properly fitting boot is important, you can begin the sizing process.

Start by measuring your foot length and width. You can do this with a ruler or a brannock device, which is designed to measure your feet accurately. This will give you a good idea of what size of hiking boot you need.

Next, try on several different sizes and widths of boots. Make sure the boots fit snugly but not too tightly in the heel area.

If there is too much room in the heel area, your foot will slide around inside the boot as you walk, which can be uncomfortable. Also make sure that there is enough space in the toe box for your feet to spread out without feeling cramped.

It’s also important to note that different manufacturers may have slightly different sizing standards. It’s best to try on several different brands of boots before deciding on one that fits best.

Once you’ve found a well-fitting pair of boots that provide adequate support and comfort, take them for a test walk around the store or outside if possible – this will give you an idea of how they feel after walking for longer periods of time.


Sizing hiking boots correctly is essential for an enjoyable and comfortable experience out on the trails. Take time to measure your feet accurately using either a ruler or brannock device, then try on several different sizes and widths from different manufacturers until you find one that fits perfectly and provides good support and comfort. Finally take them for a test walk to make sure they are up for any challenge!

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