How Much Does It Cost to Camp in Yellowstone National Park?

For the adventurous camper, there’s nothing quite like camping in Yellowstone National Park. Located in Wyoming, Montana and Idaho, this immense national park offers visitors a chance to see some of the most impressive wildlife and scenery in the world. But how much does it cost to camp in Yellowstone?

Yellowstone National Park has twelve campgrounds that are open year-round with over 2000 campsites. The cost of camping varies depending on the campground you choose, as well as the type of site you select.

Campsites range from basic tent sites to pull-through RV sites with full hookups. Most campsites are available for reservations up to six months in advance.

Basic tent camping fees start at $15 per night plus a $30 reservation fee. RV sites cost slightly more, starting at $20 per night plus a reservation fee.

Some sites may have additional fees for utilities such as water and electricity. Additionally, some campgrounds charge an additional entrance fee for vehicles entering the park.

Camping Permits

In order to camp in Yellowstone National Park, visitors must obtain a permit from a park ranger station or visitor center. These permits are free but must be obtained prior to setting up camp in any area of the park. Visitors will also need to pay an entrance fee if they plan on staying longer than seven days.

Campfire Regulations

Due to fire danger, there are restrictions on open fires within Yellowstone National Park. Campers must use fire pits provided by the park or purchase firewood from a local vendor outside of the park boundaries.

It is illegal to bring your own firewood into Yellowstone.


Camping in Yellowstone National Park is an amazing experience that allows visitors to connect with nature and explore this stunning landscape. The cost of camping varies depending on the type of site and amenities you select, but most basic campsites start at around $15 per night plus a reservation fee and any applicable entrance fees.

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