How Often Should You Waterproof Hiking Boots?

Waterproofing your hiking boots is a key part of enjoying the outdoors and keeping your feet dry. It can also extend the life of your boots and protect them from dirt, mud, and water damage. But how often should you waterproof hiking boots?

The answer depends on the type of boots you have, the activities you’re doing, and the conditions in which you’re using them. Generally speaking, if you’re going on regular hikes in wet or muddy conditions, it’s best to waterproof your boots at least once a month. If you are going on longer hikes or in more extreme weather conditions, then it’s best to waterproof them more frequently.

If your boots are made with Gore-Tex or some other similar waterproof material, they won’t need as much maintenance as non-waterproof boots. However, even these materials can start to wear out over time and need to be treated with a waterproofing agent every few months.

How to Waterproof Your Boots

Waterproofing your boots is relatively easy and doesn’t take too long. Start by cleaning them with warm water and a brush or sponge to remove any dirt or mud. Let them dry completely before applying a waterproofing agent such as a wax-based cream or spray-on sealant. Follow the instructions on the product for application instructions and let it dry before using them again.

Tips for Waterproofing Your Boots

While there isn’t one specific method that works best for all types of boots, here are some tips to keep in mind when waterproofing:

• Always start by cleaning your boots thoroughly before applying any kind of treatment.

• Make sure to use products specifically designed for leather or fabric boots.
• Avoid getting any treatment on the tongue or laces as this can damage them.

• Check the condition of your boots regularly throughout the season.

• When possible, store your boots in a cool dry place when not in use.

• Reapply treatment after extended periods of wear or after being exposed to extreme weather conditions.
• If there are any signs of wear or damage, consider replacing your old pair with new ones before heading out into extreme weather conditions.


How often you should waterproof hiking boots depends on how often you use them and what activities you’re doing while wearing them. For regular hikes in wet or muddy conditions, it’s best to apply a waterproofing agent once a month at least; for longer hikes and extreme weather conditions more frequent applications may be necessary. Always make sure to clean your boots before treating with any kind of product and follow manufacturer instructions for application instructions for optimal results.

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