Is Bentonville the Mountain Biking Capital of the World?

Bentonville, Arkansas is quickly becoming the go-to destination for mountain bikers from around the world. With its vast network of trails, accommodating locals and ever-growing mountain biking scene, it’s no wonder why this town of just over 50,000 has become a major player in the sport.

The biggest draw for cyclists is the sheer number of trails that are available in and around Bentonville. The area boasts a wide variety of terrain, from easy beginner trails to more technical routes that will challenge even the most experienced riders. Many of these trails were created by local mountain bikers who wanted to share their love of the sport with others.

In addition to its abundance of trails, Bentonville also offers plenty of amenities for those looking to take their cycling experience to the next level. From bike shops and repair services to bike rentals and guided tours, there’s something for everyone here. The city also plays host to several major mountain biking events each year including the annual Oz Trails Off-Road race.

But perhaps what makes Bentonville so special is its people. Locals are incredibly welcoming and passionate about mountain biking which makes it easy for visitors to feel at home regardless of skill level or experience. The strong sense of community has helped foster an environment where riders can come together and share their love for the sport in an accepting setting.

Is Bentonville the Mountain Biking Capital of the World?

Yes, it’s safe to say that Bentonville has earned its reputation as one of the world’s premier mountain biking destinations. With its incredible network of trails, accommodating locals and ever-growing cycling scene, Bentonville has become a must-visit destination for cyclists from around the globe.

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