Is Kelso Open for Mountain Biking?

Kelso Conservation Area is a popular destination for mountain biking enthusiasts. Located near Milton, Ontario, this conservation area features a variety of trails for riders of all skill levels.

The terrain is varied enough to offer something for everyone from the novice to the advanced rider.

The main attraction at Kelso is the abundance of single-track trails. These trails range from easy to more difficult and are well maintained.

They have been designed with mountain bikers in mind, featuring both technical and flowy sections. The trails are also well marked, so you can easily find your way around.

In addition to the single-track trails, Kelso also offers several double-track trails which provide a more challenging ride. These trails are longer than the single-track trails and feature some steep climbs and descents as well as technical sections.

Kelso is an excellent spot for those looking to explore off-road mountain biking in Ontario as it provides a great range of terrain. The area has been developed with mountain bike riders in mind, offering plenty of challenging and fun rides that will keep you coming back again and again.


Kelso Conservation Area is open for mountain biking throughout the year and offers an array of routes suitable for riders of all skill levels from novice to advanced. With its varied terrain, excellent trail conditions and well-marked routes, Kelso provides an ideal spot for exploring off-road mountain biking in Ontario.

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